There are everywhere you can imagine, and beyond. The free-floating bikes have arrived in our city. Coming from Hong-Kong, they aim to be a very convenient way to travel in an overcrowded city. You don’t need to leave the bike after you use it in a specific dock. Or you don’t have to go to a bike park area to get one. You can find one, sometimes literally, down your flat door.

My mission for this concept: create 3 helpful cross canal interfaces to help user understand the new concept and to use it in the most efficient way. The three imposed connected objects were : a web page, an app and connected object (free of choice).

Tools used: Paper & pen, Adobe XD, Illustrator.

If you prefer, you can jump to the TLDR to have a quick resume.


Since I have never used the service, I browsed the web looking for more detailed information about the service. After seeing videos of people throwing bikes from the top of buildings. And people trying to actually find the right bike. I thought, why not trying to help? It must be really annoying to look around the right bike when there are four different operators offering the same service.


I chose to focus on four main issues :

  • Finding the right bike
  • Bikes parked anywhere, included in private places
  • New bike users who might feel uncomfortable in the traffic
  • Bike in maintenance


I have decided to treat the three devices as complementary. 

The first contact point, the web page will be used as a let’s get to know each other in the comfort and safety of your home.

The second contact point, will be used to guide you through the wild city.

The third contact point, will be your safety net to ride like a pro in the street. 


1st contact point : the Web Page

The website aims to promote and get to know more about the bike sharing system, promote the app, and allow the user to calmly sign up and pre-book a bike ride. The comfy and safe environment that is your home is a good place to plan, and save personal information at your own rhythm.

2nd Contact point : The App

The app is used to help you find the bike or confirm the pre-booked ride. Thanks to AR, the app helps you find the right bike and signals any issues with the vehicle. 

3rd Contact Point: The AR Glasses

The app will notice you that you can use AR glasses to help you reach your destination in a more convenient way. 

The glasses also show you the best place to bike or help beginner rider, by showing them where they can and can’t ride.

For those wireframes, I used the google glasses guidelines.


1 Learn more about the bike sharing concept and pre-book a ride to ensure that a bike will be present near you. In the comfort of your home enter your payment detail safely.

2 Once outside, AR technology will help you find the selected bike or report an issue with the bike.

3 Finally, you can wear the AR glasses to guide through the wilderness of the city.