Our local railway went through some refurbishment last summer. With my 2 team members, our goal was to see if what impacts this renewal on the differents services on the users. Did it improves ? Got worse or was it totally unnoticed ?

No time for all the details ? You can jump to the TL;DR. You’re welcome 😉


Before headed to the station we listed all the services we were already aware of and wrote the questionnaire for the station users.

Observation & Interviews

Once inside the station and after a thorough tour of place, we discovered new services both digital and physical service. We gathered the services into categories. 

Our first impression was that the services in general ere barely used and that people prefer physical services more than the digital ones. 


We defined three main issues :

There was few information available for the foreign public.

Digital investment not use at their best.

Disabled facilities not available everywhere. 

Define : Personae & Experience map

We highlighted three personae : 

Josephine, an old ladies enjoying the benefice of his reduction card to visit France region.  

Jeremy, is a student who live is the city next the capital and who’s comfortable enough with the station to use its services as needed. 

And Frederic, a soldier on permission to see his family who wish that any incidents were better reported.

Personae & Experience Map


More employees to address travelers concerns. Advertizement for station's apps, shops and restaurants. Translate their information board in European language. Add a map to help people situate themselves.



How the recent constructions work in our local railway station impact the digital and physical services ?


Observations and interviewing users to understand. Personae and experience maps to define and identity users patterns and behaviors. Storyboard to address solutions.


More communication on station's apps, restaurants or shops. Improvement in disabled access accessibility. Balance between the digital and the physical. A map station. Information translation.