In a dual world, there would be products develop for specific population. What would an convenient Smart TV would look like for the silver generation and for the so called Millenial ? 

By Smart TV, I mean a TV that also allow you to go the internet, chat with friends, get to know what you like and help manage you house appliances. 

Reasearch & Define

The Silver generation

They need reminders along the way to know at which step they are.

You’ve to go straight forward (which is also true for the millennial).

They need to be guided and errors need to be clearly stated and explained otherwise it can a source of stress. 

They actually quite love to use vocal option.

The Millenials

They enjoy multitasking.

They have no patience and enjoy finding what they are used to use. 

If it doesn’t work, it because of the the system. The system must be very efficient and learn from them.

Sharing is caring and millenials care a lot.

TV is just another screen, but bigger.


The Silver generation

It starts with a remote...

Our relation with a TV start with a TV remote.

The silver one contain a touch screen on the upper part that transform in a keyboard or show numbers as needed. 

The lower part is made out the usual remote material. I’ve kept the minimal needed buttons. 

Clean menu with indications on to navigate them.

Special Feature

On shopping channel, if you press the “like” button, it’s automatically added to your wishlist. You can then review this list and buy or compare price on the internet. 

Indeed, contrary to popular belief, the silver generation buy more through the internet than their millenial mate. 

The Millenials

An interactive remote

More than half the remote is a touch screen. I kept the basics buttons down too. This time there are rather flat and smooth. The touch screen adapt according to the chosen option : TV, Media  Netflix, Spotify, Youtube…) and a domotic option. It looks like it could be a smartphone, but the lower part remind the user that it’s mean for the TV, as you don’t have to look at the remote to navigate. 

As needed, a keyboard or numeric panel can appear. 

The TV is just another screen, but bigger

Special feature : caring is sharing

The smart TV is using beacon. Which means that it can adapt to your usual behaviors. For example, it will propose you to order food from Uber or anything else you are used to. The remote allow you to refuse or to order. The program will stop and show up the Uber webpage on the TV screen. 

This option, can also allow you to know which program your friends are currently and invite you to watch the same program.