We were lucky to work with the fintech startup: wefinup, my 3 colleagues and I, on their plugin’s interface. This plugin had to be integrated into an accounting software: Tiime.

Wefinup wants to help small companies to get loans to buy materials more easily. Since they are a broker, they can reach more banks and with the account data available on the accounting software, they can provide the client’s information directly to the bank. They also wanted to tone down the financial environment.

We had 2 weeks to deliver the project. It was a final project challenge. Three teams were competing. 

In this project, I was in charge of the organization and the results presentation.

What do they want ?

We identified those two needs with the clients : autonomy & rapidity.

We now had to compare those with the field reality.


As we knew nothing about the fintech world. We spent the first two days, asking a lot of questions to the creators of wefinup and researching about the subject. 

The benchmark helped us a lot to understand the pros and cons of an accounting software or platform  for small entrepreneurs. 

Getting to know the real users

Now that we had an idea on the subject we went outside and for some users interviewed five startups newly installed in our neighbor. We are lucky enough to live in a booming neighbor. 

We asked questions about their feeling on loan, their business need, how do they feel about managing their bookkeeping and how digitilized are their accounting process. 

Experience map

Now that we knew how the users feel and act toward loans, we were able to identify the pain point, opportunities and solutions. 

Along with the first two needs that wefinup owners identified, we also added: trust and custom service.


We determined the main functionalities to add to the plugin. In order to avoid bias, the client didn’t give us information about their current prototype for comparison at the end. 

We brainstorm our ideas and then did a cards sorting to sort out our arborescence.  

During our brainstorming session, we agreed to propose a cute mascot to tone down and help the users to use the service. “UP”, the alien, was created.


You can have a look at our final prototype on Figma.

Users testing

Two out of the five users interviewed, accepted to test our prototype. We draw two scenarios. It was a good way to spot people reaction on “UP” the mascot. 

Project presentation and feedback

The clients enjoyed our prototype and we won this challenges. They kept the idea of “UP” as their mascot.