Daily UX Writing – day 5

The prop :

Scenario: The user works in graphic design. While critiquing a design in a mobile app, their phone abruptly turns off. When they restart the phone, they reopen the app.

Challenge: Write a message that the user will read immediately upon opening the app. What do they need to know? What steps (if any) do they need to take to recover their content? What if they can’t recover the content? 

Headline: 40 characters max
Body: 140 characters max
Button(s): 20 characters max

My take on the challenge :

It seems like your phone just shut down

You know what we say : ideas are fresher after some rest.
Thankfully, everything was saved automatically.

En Français

Nous avons été forcés de nous séparer 🙁

Il semblerait que nous ayons été obligés de nous séparer. Pas de panique, votre dernière progression a été sauvegardée automatiquement.